Thursday 5 July 2012


Oh St Enodoc if Heaven was on Earth here it would be

I love sitting at the top of your churchyard to take in the views

Across the Doom Bar to the point of Stepper,Daymer Bay

And the start of the path to the cliffs of Greenaway

In the shadow of Brae Hill you stand

It’s hard to believe once to your roof

You were buried in sand

Then the only way to enter was through a hole in your roof

When people would travel by foot and by hoof

With your crooked stone spire standing proud

On the first Sunday your bell would ring loud

Telling people to hurry it’s time to sing and pray

On this bright holy day

Sat in your churchyard I hear the sound of Golf club on ball

Amid the sound of the mighty Atlantic roar

The waves roll over the bar that claimed sailor lives

That are no more

Some of the Golfers pant and puff

Sorry old boy you’re in the rough

Swish, good shot old boy you’ve made the green

On the tricky hole that is thirteen

In your churchyard you have ancient bones

Of people from Rock,Trebetherick and Polzeath

Who lived in the villages from their birth to their death

I remember the day when Betjeman was laid to rest

Many people turned out in their mourning best

On that day the wind did blow and the rain did pour

Back in the year of 1984

Through the gateway on your right you’ll find Sir John

The headstone is made of slate with is Black and hard

That will stand for many years over this once great Bard

By Darrin Pearce

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