Tuesday 9 October 2012

Part 1 
There's nothing better  to get away from the crowds when you're in Oxford, than to a walk around the grounds of some of the 34 Colleges. You pay a small entrance fee to walk around the cloisters and gardens that some of the Colleges have to offer, some of the Colleges go back a few centuries, the oldest being University College 1249, and some only go back to this century, like Green College 1979.
The college of the University are, All Souls 1438, Balliol 1263, Brasenose 1509, Christ Church 1525,
Corpus Christi 1517, Exeter 1314, Green 1979, Hertford 1874, Jesus 1571, Keble 1870, Lady Margaret Hall 1878, Linacre 1962, Lincoln 1427, Magdalen 1458, Merton 1264, New College 1379,
Nuffield 1937, Oriel 1326, Pembroke 1624, Queen's 1341, St. Anne's 1879, St. Antony's 1948, St. Catherine's 1868, St. Cross 1965, St. Edmund Hall 1270, St. Hilda's 1893, St. Hugh's 1886, St. John's 1555, St. Peters 1928, Somerville 1879, Trinity 1555, University 1249, Wadlam 1610, Wolfson 1966, Worcester 1714. There are 5 Permanent Private Halls, Campion Hall 1896,Greyfriars 1919,
Mansfield College 1886, Regent's Park College 1940, St. Benet's Hall 1897. There are 14 Associated Institutions, Blackfriars, Institute for Energy Studies, Maison Francaise, Manchester College, Lady Spencer Churchill College, Plater College, Pusey College, Queen Elizabeth House, Ripon College, Ruskin College, St. Stephen's House, Templeton College, Westminster College, Wycliffe.    
Balliol College
Balliol is one of Oxford's well known and largest Colleges, it has a worldwide reputation for its long history of academic excellence, it is a informal, friendly and diverse, encouraging students from all kinds of backgrounds and nationalities. Three British Prime Minister have also studied here, H.H.Aqsquith, Harold MacMillan and Edward Heath. Boris Johnston, the eccentric Mayor of London also studied here, he's been in the news lately because of the 2012 Olympic Games held in London
Gateway To Balliol College
Corner Tower Of Balliol College

The Front Of Balliol College

Trinity College

Trinity College was founded by Sir Thomas Pope in the year 1555, it's situated in the centre of Oxford, close to, libraries, laboratories, lecture halls and the city's amenities.
It also next door to Balliol College, which over the years has shown a great rivalry between the students of the two Colleges. It has manifested it on the sports field and river.
It has over 300 undergraduates and 100 graduates in exceptionally friendly atmosphere; they welcome everyone and are committed to giving students from all backgrounds the chance to succeed.
Looking Towards The Church Quad With Balliol College On The Left
A Grand House In Trinity College
Same House Behind The Wrought Iron Gate and Rails

                                                                 Hertford College
Hertford College is situated on Cattle Street in the centre of Oxford, directly opposite the main gate to bodleian library. New College Lane splits the College in half, the famous bridge of sighs spans  New College Lane and joins the two Hertford sites together.
There are 612 student, (396 undergraduates and 216 graduates), plus various visiting students from universities all over the world.
The Bridge Of Sighs
The Sheldonian Theatre Seen Under The Bridge Of Sighs

An Old Style Street Lamp Outside Hertford College
 All Photos Owned And Taken By DDPearce of Darrins Photography

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