Monday 24 December 2012


25th October 2012

Day 13 continued

Our final stop of the day was at the viewing area at RNAS Culdrose, the airbase was a hive of activity. When we arrived the emergency catch net at the end of the runway was up, mean one thing. That meant an aircraft was either going to take off or land, we didn't have to wait long as two Navy hawks were ready to leave Culdrose. Then two more Hawks took to the Cornish Skies
The Catch Net

One Of The Hawks Taxiing Towards The Runway

I Don't Think The Approaching Hawks Will Take Notice Of The Stop Sign

The Final Two Hawks Taking Off

The Hawks visit Culdrose every Thursday to take part in some exercises, the point of the exercise is to see if the helicopters can defect the Hawks. When I went on one of the tour around the base, I sure we were told that the pilots flying the Hawks were ex-pilots.
Next to take off was a Sea King helicopter, when it was on the runway about to take off they hadn't inflated the radar dome thats used to detect submarines and aircraft. By the time it flew over us the dome was fully inflated.

A Sea King about to Take off

About To Fly Pass Us

The Inflated Radar Dome
Next to take was a Navy Merlin, it done a couple of circuits over the airfield before disappearing out to sea. So it was a good end to the day, we finished up at the Godolphin Hotel for a couple of pints before going back to the caravan.

The Mighty Merlin

Essentially English The Red Post Box And Telephone Box

Lizard Peninsula

All Photos Taken And Owned By DDPearce Of Darrin Photography

Map By Google

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