Monday 6 August 2012


Now And Then
The Tropical Biome

Here are some photos that I have taken during the construction of the Eden Project. I'm starting with the Tropical Biome as it's the largest, I think you will see how much it's changed over the last 13 years since the building work started in 1999. Not only will you see the difference on the outside, but the inside has changed the most.
Under Construction , Photo Taken 1999-2000
That's The Plastic Skin Of The Biome Finished
13 Years later, Photo Taken In March 2012
The Waterfall Back In 2001

The Waterfall As Seen Today From The Viewing Platform
Still A Lot Of Growing To Do In 2001
The Rock FaceWas Very Bare In 2001
Not A Bare Bit Of Rock Face To Be Seen
The Viewing Platform Seen Through The Canopy Of The Trees
The Plants And Trees Are Slowly Creeping Towards The Roof
The Pentagon And Hexagonal
As I Call It "The Stairway To Heaven"
Colourful Lorry
Nothing For Sale, Show Only
An Iris
Reminds Of A Happy Insect That's About To Take Off
The Bananas Are Cut, Then Bagged And Then Hung On A Moving Chain That Takes Them To The Restaurant When Needed

All Photos Were Taken And Are Owned By DDPearce of Darrins Photography.


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