Wednesday 8 August 2012


Outside The Biomes

The final piece is about the grounds that surround the Biomes, here you will find areas divided into  sections that contain, Tea Bushes, Lavender, Sculptures, Rose Beds and where Hops are grown, items about the Environment, an Education Centre for school parties and  there's plenty of things for children to discover amongst the plants and flowers there's also plenty of things for children to climb and rope bridges to walk over, no doubt some adults will have fun on these things also.

When I Visited In March 2012, The Heather Was In Full Bloom
One Of The Many Information Boards
A Nice Colourful Piece Of Artwork As  You Enter
A Sculpture Of A Horse Made Out Of Driftwood By Heather Jansch
I Love The Way Heather Has Used The Driftwood To look Like muscle On The Horse
I Love This Wood Carving Of An Ariel View Of The Eden Project
Another Sculpture Made to Look Like The Throngs Of A Tree Fern
A Crocodile Sculpture
A Sculpture Made Out Of Electrical Item That are Dumped And Some Find Their Way To A Landfill Site
Bits Of Ovens, Stove Tops, Microwaves And Other Electrial Items Can Be Seen
A Close Up
Giant Bee, PhotoTaken In 2001
The Giant Been Seen In March 2012
Just Glad The Bees Don't Come In This Size
This Is Where They Grow The Hops For The Lovely Beer
The Hole In The Rope Fence Makes A perfect Frame For The Mediterranean Biomes
There's Something About The Shape Of The Biomes That I Love
Another Piece Of Artwork
Looking Down On The Tropical Biome With the Arean on The Left
Wooden Chimes...And Seeing  There Was Nobody Around I Did Have A Go
The Tropical Biomes Seen Through Peep Holes Made For The Young Ones
An Information Board Showing an Ariel Photo Of When The Eden Project Was A China Clay Pit
Another Information Board Showing It As It Is Today

Cornwall Painted On Local Piece Of Slate

                           All Photos Taken And Owned By DDPearce Of Darrins Photography

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