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                                                                 EDEN PROJECT

We first visited the Eden Project in 1999 when it was just a building site with just the frames of the Biomes standing. It was a good idea of the owners to let the public see the project taking shape, you were taken around the site in trailers being pulled by a tractor, even then the place looked awesome.
The Biomes consist of Hexagonal and Pentagonal, inflated plastic cells supported by steel frames.
The Tropical Biomes Under Construction in 1991

The Eden Project is built an old China Clay mine that was in use for over 160 years and in 1991 the pit became exhausted. The Eden Project was the idea of Tim Smit who also found and opened The Lost Gardens of Heligan (which I will tell you about in a later blog), the Architect Nicolas Grimshaw designed the Eden Project. The Eden Project is situated 1.25 Miles from the Town of St Blazey and 3 Miles from the larger Town of St Austell.
 A Photo On An Information Board,Taken Before The Building Took Started

We went back in 2001 when it first opened and the place had transformed such a lot, even then it still wasn't properly finished as there were lots of plants to be planted outside the biomes and grass was waiting to be laid. Inside the biomes there was lots of space around the plants and the trees were still short.
Still A Lot Of Work To Be Done
Inside The Mediterranean Biome In 2001

Looking Down From The Top Of The Waterfall In 2001
The Tropical Biome Is Centre Of The Photo,The Concert Arena Is On The Left And The Mediterranean Just Showing On The Right

The Biomes holding the Tropical is the larger of the two, it covers 93 Acres and stands 55 Meters (180ft) tall, 100 Meters (328ft) wide and 200 Meters (656ft) in length. It's used to grow to Bananas, Coffee, Rubber and giant Bamboo which grow well in the tropical temperature and moisture levels.

Looking Down Onto The Waterfall In The Tropical Biome, Photo Taken In March 2012

Also inside you will find wooden huts made up as you would find them in the tropics, there's also Lorries, the bow of a ship and there's also a waterfall inside. Since our last visit they have built a viewing platform that takes you high up into the roof, once up there the view is spectacular.

Looking Up At The Viewing Platform In The Tropical Biomes

A View From The Viewing Platform, Not Bad Seeing I Hate Heights

The Mediterranean Biome covers 1.6 Acres and is 35 Meters (115ft) in height, 65 Meters (213ft) width and 135 Meters (443ft) in length. It houses familiar and arid plants such as Olives and Grape vines, it also has various sculptures and a Mediterranean restaurant. When walking around you notice the different lovely smells come from the plants.

Looking Through A Crack In The Wall In The Mediterranean Biome

Some Of The Sculptures In The Mediterranean Biome

Outside you will find growing plants such as Lavender, Tea, Hops, Hemp and Sunflowers, in the spring the outdoor gardens are awash with colour of Daffodils and Tulips. When walking you have to keep an eye open for sculptures and other interest items, there's plenty to keep the children occupied as well, also in the grounds there's and education centre for schools to visit and it also has a concert arena and it the winter it has an outdoor ice rink.

The Meditarranean Biome Seen Through a Rope Fence
Tropical Biome

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