Sunday 18 November 2012


14th October 2012
Day 2

I woke up to full sunshine and a blue sky, I wanted a quiet day so I decided to walk the two and a half mile flat coastal path to Penzance, (if my dodgy leg and back would let me). It took me over two hours but I made it, also I was going to meet my parents in Penzance as they were coming down to stay in the next door caravan and I would be also getting a lift back to Marazion with Them (Thank God).

One Of The Many Rabbits Of The Marsh

The first place I passed was Marazion marsh which is owned by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds). The marsh is home to many tame Rabbits, there wasn't many birds to see that day apart from a Heron, Swans and a couple of Mallard Ducks.
My Final Destination Of Penzance Is In the Middle of The Photo
A Cloud Over Newlyn

 There were many runners out that morning as well as people with their dogs, there was even two people on horse back making the most of this beautiful October morning. It was a lovely peaceful morning, as there is no helicopter service and not many trains are running, the only noise came from the seagulls and the small ripple of waves on the shore.
The Mount Framed By Some Railings
Near the Half way Mark
A Couple Of 125s Taking A well Earned Rest At Long Rock Depot

The Name Of One Of The 125 Power Units

When passing long Rock a strange thing happened as there was a spot of rain, it must have been blown it the wind as there was no clouds overhead. When I looked to my right and inland there was a beautiful complete rainbow.

Rainbow Over Long Rock

The Signal Box At Penzance Station, But How Long For ?

I've Made It

I reached Penzance at about 11 am where I headed for an all day restaurant that looks down on the harbour, my late wife liked going to this place for coffee and a tea cake. Whilst there I had a lovely pot of earl grey and thick sliced toast, I had the feeling that my late wife was at the table with me.

I loved This Painting In The Restaurant

That lunchtime I met up with my parents once at the Godolphin Hotel which has great view across to St Michael's Mount

The View From The Godolphin Across to the Mount

After the Godolphin I took the quiet back lane to the caravan, it was so quiet I didn't see a single person.

A Celtic Cross In The Old Rose Hill Cemetery

A Tree Sculpture By The Wind

That evening we once again returned to the Godolphin for a few pints of the local brew, which went down very well.

The Mount, On The Left Of The Mount You Can See The Tanker, Panagia Lady On The Horizon

The Panagia Lady is an Oil / Chemical tanker that was built in 2004 and is registered in Liberia, she has a gross tonnage of 27505 and is 180 metres in length and is 23 in width. The Tanker was anchored in that position for a few days.

A Closer Look At The Panagia Lady

The Route Of the Walk, From Marazion To Penzance

All Photos Taken And Owned By DD Pearce Of Darrin's Photography
Map By Google

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