Wednesday 28 November 2012

19th October 2012
Day 7

Today was the day that a secret I had to keep for over a week was to be let out, Just before I came away my Daughter told her Grandparents that she would be coming to stay for a few days, then the day before I left, she told them, "I can't get a ticket for the train down, so I won't be able to come down". They were a bit upset that she couldn't make it, little did they know that she was teasing them, and it was very hard having to keep this secret to myself. So on this Friday morning I told my parents that I had to get a Prescription from Penzance and could I borrow their car as the chemist opened at 7am, so I left at 7.30 and went straight to the station to meet her off the Paddington to Penzance night sleeper service. The train got in after 8am, we then headed back to the caravan park, the look on their faces when she walked through the door was such a lovely site. Over tea and coffee we made the plan that we would head down to the Lizard area.
The 23.50 Service From Penzance To Penzance Nears Its Final Destination
The Class 57 Finally Arrives

Our first stop would be the view area at RNAS Culdrose, that morning there wasn't happening apart from a search and rescue Sea King from 771 Naval Air Sqn also unofficially known as the Ace of Clubs. It was practicing taking off and hovering a few feet off the ground, it was doing this for about 10 minutes before it took off and headed towards the coast. Culdrose was in the news earlier this year as the Olympic was brought here from Greece, before it took a tour of the UK before lighting the Olympic flame in the Olympic stadium in London in July 2012.
I admire the great work that the crew of the search and rescue do risking their lives on a daily basis to help others who's lives are in danger.
Not At Quite An Level
That's Better....

Next we headed towards as far south as you can go in the UK. This place is known as Lizard point, at the Lizard there's a few gift shops, an Inn and one place I also visit is Ann's Pasty shop which is situated in Beacon Terrace, The Lizard. You can't miss the place as it's bright yellow, this place makes the best pasties in the world. When ever I pay a visit it's usually very busy, but the wait is well worth it. I always go to the National Trust car park which is next the lighthouse where I attack the pasty. Here the views are stunning as you look across to the sea, even in rough weather the views are spectacular as the waves crash against the rocks, where many ships and their crews have met their end.
The Most Southerly Shop and Cafe
The Old Lizard Lifeboat Slipway
The Old Lifeboat House
The View From A Derelict Building
Patterns And Colour Inside the Building
I Notice these colours as I left The Building, I'm Always Looking For Something Different To Take A Photo Of
A Little Egret Check's For A Meal In The Rock Pool
The Lizard Lighthouse
The Fog Horns Weren't Needed Today
Keeping Watch
You Learn Something New Everyday
The Lens Of The Light
The Daughters Tattoo, Which Is Called Infinity, In Memory Of Her Love For Wonderful Mother

A Lovely Jersey
The Lighthouse Centre Is Now Based Here
Is Says It All

When we left the Lizard we headed towards Roskilly Farm,which is near Coverack to sample an Ice cream that they make on the Premises, after a bit to eat and a tea it was time for an ice cream, once again it had to be a scoop of Hokey Pokey, which has bits of honeycomb in it and a scoop of clotted cream flavoured ice cream.
Whilst here I done my good deed of the day by freeing a goat that had got it's head stuck in a wire fence.

A Stained Glass Cockerel By The Entrance To The Farm
One Of The Four Goats That Had Made A Bid For Freedom
What You Looking At
The Chickens On The Coup
Never Fear, Darrin Is Here, The Poor Goat That Got Its Head Stuck

When we left we went passed the giant satellite dishes of Goonhilly Earth Station, this was once the largest satellite earth station in the world with more the twenty five communication dishes in use and over sixty in total. The first dish to be built was called "Arthur" and it's now a listed building.

The Satellite "Arthur"
Side View Of Arthur

Mystery Buildings ?. More To Follow At A Later Date
The Way To The Lizard
RNAS Culdrose With Viewing Area (where the dots end in the middle/right)

As Far South As We Went That Day

All Photos Taken And Owned By DDPearce Of Darrins Photography
Map By Google



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