Sunday 18 November 2012

15th October 2012
 Day 3

Today would have been my 24th wedding anniversary, I decided I would spend the day as my wonderful wife have wanted me to do.I knew one of her favourite places in Cornwall was the beautiful fishing town of St Ives. I took the 8.50 train from penzance to St Ives, this is such a lovely short journey. When you leave St Erth the train goes along side the mud flats of Hayle Estuary,where many wading birds can be seen. The views from the short journey are stunning as you pass the fine sands of deserted beaches and coves, also the colours of blue, green and the white caps of the North Atlantic waves that race to meet the shore.

The Morning Sun Shining Through A Sculpture By, Dame Barbara Hepworth

St Ives At Its Most Beautiful
When you get off the train you make your way down to the harbour area through small streets and alleyways, many artist have made this place their home as they say, "the natural light here is a lot brighter from other place", I think its down to that there's not many miles between the north and south coast. I find when I come here I always find something new to take photos of,(I think I take too many photos).

The Harbour

Over a pot of tea and toast I decided a plan of action of what I was going to do in St Ives, (apart from taking photos).I decided I would attack the narrow shop lined Fore St first, the nice thing about being down here this time of year is that there aren't many people around and you can move around very easily.
After the shops I walked around to the harbour area, I find as I walk around I'm always looking for a photo opportunity and you would be surprised how many there are.

I Thought The Water Should Be On The Outside Of The Boat ?

Name On A Door

Number one

Reflections In A Window

A Closer Look

For years when I've walked along the harbour I have passed the little fisherman's Chapel of St Leonard's, but have never gone inside. This time I thought I would venture inside, once inside there's a cabinet containing shipping objects and black and white photos, also you will find a brass memorial containing the names of  St Ives fishermen who have lost their lives, just doing their jobs

By The Entrance

Inside the Chapel

St Ives Through The Window
Brass Plaque

Many Names

Bottom Of The Memorial, Looks Like It Could Do With A Bit Of A Polish

A Plaque Outside The Chapel

The photo's below are what I spotted whilst making my way to the Tate Gallery

A Seagull Keeping Watch

A Weather Vane On Top Of The Lighthouse On The Harbour

I Love The Craftsmanship Of These Railings Spotted Down A Small Alleyway

After the harbour I would make my way through the narrow streets to get to the Tate Gallery which is situated opposite Porthmeor beach. I have been to the Tate many times and there always different pieces of art. Some of the art I love, but there are some pieces that looking like something a child would bring home from school. I spent over an hour and a half walking around and making the most of the relaxing atmosphere.

Looking Out From The Tate

I've Always Loved the Disputed Reflection In The Curved Glass

More Reflections

After the Tate I moved next door to the old Barnoon Cemetery which hold hundreds or even thousands of graves. There are many different shapes of  headstone and each one has a different tale to tail, there are two graves that are an interest to me as they both died in the sinking of the RMS Titanic on 15th april 1912 in the North Atlantic, they were William Carbines and Stephen Curnow Jenkin.

The Grave Of Titanic Victim William Carbines Is On The Left Hand Side, He Is Mentioned On the Bottom Of The Headstone
An Unusual Headstone To Artist James Lynn Pitt

I Just Love The Words Found At The Bottom This Headstone

Headstone To Two Engineers That Died In The Sinking Of The SS Alba

After the Cemetery I made my way down the small steep road known as Barnoon Hill, at the bottom of the hill there a junction where Barnoon Hill meets Ayr Lane and Back Street and it's here in Back Street that you will find the Dame Barbara Hepworth Studio.

Looking Down Barnoon Hill, Dame Barbara Hepworth Studio Is Down The Hill And On The Right
Dame Barbara Hepworth Studio

A Sign Outside The Studio

A few years ago whilst exploring the back streets of St Ives, we came across a small garden that is well hidden down a back street, mostly the only people you see there are the local and workers having their lunch break in the gardens. Apart from me there was only one other person in the garden, I sat on a bench that was in a sun trap and it was very warm for this time of year.

So Peaceful

Looking Towards The Other End Of The Garden

Another Of Dame Barbara Hepworth Sculptures

In The Shadow Of The Tree

I Love This Photo Of A chimney Stack With Ferns Growing Out Of It

After the garden I decided to take a slow walk back towards the train station, on the way I took a tour of the Lifeboat station, which houses a Mersey class Lifeboat, its official name is, The Princess Royal.

The Bow Of The Lifeboat

The Lifeboat Information

The RNLI Logo

The Stern
Looking Over To The Far End Of The Harbour
A Seagull Waiting For A Snack
A Reflection Of The Harbour Lighthouse
Looking Up At The Tower Of St La
Another Lighthouse Reflection In A Porthole Of A House

One Of the Small Cottages Of St Ives

Seeing it was a lovely afternoon, I decided to sit on Porthminster Beach with a coffee and an Ice Cream, before I caught the train back to Penzance

This Cloud Reminds Me Of A Chinese Dragon

Looking Across to Godrevy Lighthouse From Porthminster Beach

The Roofs Of Houses Overlooking The Harbour, Photo Taken From Porthminster Beach
The Journey back Penzance you have to change trains at St Erth, here they still have a single box, plus they still have the old style signals.

Signals And Signal Box

Signals On The Downside Track To Penzance
Once back in Penzance I decided to meet my parents at Long Rock For a lift back to Marazion.

St Michael's Mount As Seen From Penzance
The Scillonian III

The Helicopter Service From The Isles Of Scilly

Not Many More Days Left For The Helicopter Service  at Penzance

There's Not Many Of These Class 08 Shunters Left

The Campsite Cat Decided To Take It Upon Himself At Home In My Caravan

"If You Think I'm Moving"

My Walk Around St Ives
All Photos Taken And Own By DD Pearce Of Darrin's Photography

Map By Google

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