Sunday 3 February 2013

The Month of October would see me taking a two week holiday in Cornwall with my parents, also my daughter would be joining us for a few days, (which turned into a week). On the 15th of this month it would have been me and my late wife's 24th wedding anniversary, so that's why I decided to go to Cornwall at this time of year, also because it's cheaper and less busy. You will have noticed that there is no photos of September, thats because I took no photos.
Welcome to St Ives

Above St Ives

More Like Summer Than Autumn

A Resting Seagull

From The Window


Local Weather Forecast

A Woman And Her Dog

In The Shadow

Harbour Reflection

Bell Tower

Looking Across To Godrevy

Nothing Better Than Ice Cream, Beach, Blue Sky And A Warm Day

View From St Ives Railway Station

Blue, Green and Yellow
Slate Grey

Cloud Over Newlyn

Sun Burst Over St Michaels

Taking A Well Earned Rest

Rainbow Amongst The Trees
Memorial To H.M.S. Warspite

Penzance Lifeboat

Welcome To The Store Meeting House

Soaring Above

Silhouette Of A Tree

Shaped By Nature

View of Mount Bay From A Gate
Kite Down

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart xxx
What A Hard Life

An Art Deco Pub On Penzance Promenade

Once Trelawney Garage
Spray From The Dolphin Mouth
Boats In Mousehole Harbour

Tides Reach, Mousehole
Odin And Driftwood Tied Up In Mousehole

Crashing Waves

Mousehole and Its Harbour

The Drunkard, Performed In 1971 At The Minack

An Play Performed In 1971

German Tourist Take To The Stage

Turned To Seed

Algarve, Minack

Foot Prints At Marazion

In Coming Tide

In The Grass
Redundant Slipway

Lizard Light

Gateway To The Lighthouse

Well I Never
A Jersey Cow

A Couple Of Sea Horses
Smooth Rocks On The Causeway

Heading Back To Marazion

Waiting For Breakfast

Waiting Turnstones

Leading To ?
Bright Horizon

Fruit And Veg

Window On The Mount
Row Of Capstans

Bunting In The Mist

Years Ago Maybe

Lobster Pots

A Candle For My Late Wife

Clouds Over Mount Bay

The Mount At Dusk
Golden Sand

 Final Performance Of The Day
Setting Sun

"Come On And Throw The Ball"

Once Loved By Someone

On The Edge
Granite Rocks

A Face In The Rock ?

St Michaels Harbour

"Do You Mind, I'm Trying To Have A Wash"

Behind Barbed Wire


Essentially British
Engine House
My Last View Of St Michaels

My Favourite

My Lovely Parents, Just Two Months After This Photo My Mum Was Diagnose with Incurable Brain Cancer

Lights Of Mousehole

One Of The Campsite Cat Came In To Say "Goodbye"
Digging For Bait
Homeward Bound

All Photos Taken And Owned By DDPearce Of Darrins Photography


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