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One of my hobbies is anything connected to the R.M.S Titanic, I've been interested in this subject since the early 80s and before the ship was discovered by Dr Robert Ballard from the Woods hole
oceanographic institution in 1986.
I like taking photos of buildings, houses, memorials and graves of those who were on the ship,either as passengers or crew. I also collect memorabilia and books on the Titanic, at the moment I have over 120 books and all are different. One of the books I cherish is "A Night To Remember"which was printed in 1955,what makes this book special is that I got Millvina Dean and Edith Haisman to sign it for me when I went to a convention in Southampton. I have limited items such as, plates, mugs, paintings, coins, post cards and first day covers. I'm also a member of, F.o.S.O.C (Friend of Southampton Old Cemetery, which has over fifty graves of crew, passengers and other people connected with the liner. Most of the grave don't have the mentioned people in them, but they are mentioned along with loved ones. On a later post I will be doing an item on the victims in the Old Cemetery.
                                                   White Star Buildings In Southampton

                                                                Canute Chambers

 The Canute Building Was The Headquarters Of the White Star Line
Canute Chambers is situated in Canute Road,  this was here the White Star headquarters was based and it was here that the families came when they heard of the disaster. They waited anxiously for news of loved that were aboard the ship, when the names were received they posted on black boards erected on the front of the building

                                                            The South Western Hotel

The Hotel Where A Few First Class Passengers Stayed Before Boarding The Titanic

What Was Once The South Western Hotel
The South Western Hotel was where some of the first class passengers stayed the night before the Titanic set sail. On of the passengers that stayed here, was White Star Line owner, J.Bruce Ismay. He was later known as a coward as he jump into one of the lifeboats, when the order was "women and children first".
The Grapes Pub 
The Grapes


On the Morning of 15th April 1912 the Grapes pub saved the lives of four members of the crew, three of them were brothers. They stayed in the pub a bit too long, when they realised the time they made a quick dash to the quayside as the ship was about leave and they refused entry. As they say "the rest is history"
Sailor Home

Former Sailors Home

Now this building belongs to the Salvation Army, but once it was the Sailors home. Twenty six of Titanic's crew gave this building as their address.

Docks Post Office

Former Mail Office

The Docks Post Office is where mail for the Titanic and other shipping Companies  was sorted before being stored aboard the ship. This building is situated next to Dock gate four, this is where you'll find a memorial dedicated to all the souls that lost their lives in the disaster.   
                                                           Titanic Memorials In Southampton
Titanic Engineers, Officers Memorial
The Centre Piece Of The Memorial
To The Brave Men
Bronze Plaque
Names Of The Brave And Courageous Men

More Names

One Of The Other Plaque

Honouring Those Brave Men
Few Words, But Says So Much
The magnificent memorial is situated on the edge of East Park, it was erected to honour the brave engineers and officers were stayed at their posts as the liner slipped more and more under the Atlantic. With their actions they made sure that the lights were burning until the last possible moment, they are knew they were going to perish. They actions saved many.
Musicians Memorial

Remembering The Musicians

To The Musicians
The Musicians memorial is situated on the corner of London Road and Cumberland Place, it's also near the Engineer and Officers memorial. These men also when down in history as they kept playing even when the deck got stepper and stepper. The last song they're supposed of played was "nearer my god to thee".
The Crew, Stewards and Firemen Memorial

Originally A Fountain

Etched In Stone

Plaque On The Church Wall
You'll find this monument in the bomb damaged church of Holy Rood, this monument was originally situated on the common, but due to vandalism it was later moved to this location.

Titanic Memorial Gate
Erected On 10th April 1993
Always Remembered Never Forgotten
This memorial's next to the docks Post Office, you'll find it just inside gate four and if you have a word with the security officers they let you in. The memorial is also near berth forty four where the Titanic set sail at mid-day on 10th April 1912.
 All Photos Taken And Owned By DD Pearce Of Darrin's Photography

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