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Hollybrook Cemetery, Lordswood, Southampton
Here at Hollybrook Cemetery, there are about twenty nine graves related to the titanic. One of the people buried here had a major part in the Disaster. He was Lookout, Frederick Fleet, he had just gone on duty in the crows nest with George Symonds. Then Fleet saw a dark object coming out of the dark, the bell was rung and Fleet made a call to the bridge, Officer "what do you see", "Fleet" ICEBERG RIGHT AHEAD". From that second the Titanic was doomed.
At present I only found seven graves, but I will be going back this year for a good look around.
Henry Phillip Creese
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Inscription Reads
Henry Phillip Creese
Who Lost His Life Through The
Foundering Of R.M.S. Titanic
April 15th 1912
Aged 44 Years
Henry Phillip Creese, was employed as a Deck Engineer on the Titanic, If his body was recovered, it was never identified.
Frederick Fleet

Frederick Fleet
R.M.S Titanic
Frederick Fleet, was employed as a Lookout on the Titanic. He survived the disaster, in his later years he was a well known face selling evening papers on a Southampton street corner. On 28th December 1964, his wife passed away, at the time they were living with her brother. After her death, the brother evicted Frederick form his house. Then on 10th January 1965, Frederick lifeless body was discovered, he had committed suicide by hanging. He was buried in an unmarked paupers grave, then in 1993 a headstone was erected with funds from the Titanic Historical Society, U.S.A.
William Harder
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Inscription Reads
Loving Memory Of
Bill Harder
Fell Asleep
6th December 1947
Aged 75 Years
William Harder, was employed as a Window Cleaner on the Titanic. He passed away in Dec 1947, he was laid to rest in the Cemetery.
Frederick Hartnell

Inscription Reads
The Beloved Husband Of
Fanny Hartnell
Who Died April 16 1920
William Hartnell, was employed as a Saloon Steward on the Titanic, he survived the disaster. He passed away in April 1920, and was buried in the Cemetery
 Samuel Ernest Hemming
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Inscription Reads
My Dear Husband
Samuel E Hemming
Who Fell Asleep April 12th 1928
Aged 59 Years
Samuel E Hemming, was employed as a Lamp Trimmer on the Titanic, he survived the Disaster. He passed away days short of the 16 anniversary of the sinking. He was laid to rest in the cemetery.
George Edward Robertson
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Inscription Reads
George Edward Robertson
Lost At Sea S.S. Titanic Aged 19
George Edward Robertson, was employed as a Assistant Steward, he died in the disaster. His body was recovered by the Mackay-Bennett and given the number 127, he was buried at sea on 23rd April 1912.
Harry Yearsley


Harry Yearsley, was employed as a Saloon Steward on the Titanic, he survived the disaster. At present not sure when he passed away. He was buried in an unmarked grave plot A2/177.

Bitterne Parish Church, Southampton

Walter John Perkis
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Inscription Reads
Walter John Perkis
11th August 1874 - 4th August 1954
Quartermaster R.M.S. Titanic
Commanded Lifeboat No 4
Rescued Eight From The Sea On
The Night Of 15th April 1912
Walter John Perkis, was employed as Quartermaster on the Titanic, he survived the disaster and he helped rescue others from the freezing Atlantic. He passed away on 4th August 1954, seven days before his eightieth birthday.

St Leonards Church, Bursledon, Southampton

George Frederick Turner

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Rough Map Showing Where The Grave

Inscription Reads
George Frederick Turner
Ships Stenographer
Son Of George And Janet Turner
Died April 15th 1912
By The Foundering Of The S.S. Titanic
George Frederick Turner. was employed as the ship Stenographer, he died in the disaster. If his body was recovered it was never identified.
St Mary's Extra Cemetery, Southampton
John Hall Hutchinson


Inscription Reads
John Hall Hutchinson
Ship's Carpenter
Dearly Loved Second Son
Who Lost His Life
In The S.S. Titanic
April 15th 1912, Aged 28 Years
John Hall Hutchinson, was employed as a Carpenter on the Titanic, he died in the disaster. If his body was recovered, it was never identified.
Albert Ernest Fryer
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Inscription Reads
Our Dear Dad
Albert Ernest Fryer
Died 15th November 1944
Aged 57

Church Of Holy Trinity, Weston, Southampton

Charles Valentine Clarke
Ada Maria Clarke

(Husband & Wife)


Inscription Reads
In Loving Memory Of
Ada Maria Clarke
Passed Away Feb 8th 1953, Aged 69
Survivour Of The Titanic Disaster 1912
Charles V Clarke
Her Beloved Husband
Who Lost His Life On S.S. Titanic
Charles Valentine Clarke, and his wife Ada Maria Clarke, were Second Class passengers on the Titanic. Ada survived the sinking, she passed away in 1953, and she was laid to rest in the Churchyard. Charles died in the Disaster, if his body was recovered, it was never identified.

West End Church, Southampton
In this little Churchyard, you'll find the grave of a man, whose actions saved hundreds of lives, he was the Captain of the Carpathia. On the night of 14th april 1912, Harold Cottam, Wireless Operator on the Carpathia, picked up a message from the Titanic asking for assistant. The Carpathia was 60 miles away at the time and she headed straight for the position given by the Titanic. At 04.00 the Carpathia reached the site, she picked up over 700 people. After the disaster the Captain Picked up many adwards for the actions, he and his crew of the Carpathia done on the night of 14th/15 April.
Sir Arthur Henry Rostron
Inscription Reads
Loving Memory
My dear Husband
Sir Arthur Henry Rostron
K.B.E.  R.D. R.N.R
Died Nov 4th 1940
Aged 71
All Photos Taken And Owned By DDPearce of Darrins Photography

I would like to say a big thank to Brian Ticehurst, whose book, Titanic Memorials World- Wide, Where they are Located. My last thank is the people who discovered the grave I have taken photos of.


  1. William Harder is part of my family on my mums side, do you remember what area his grave was? it would interesting to visit.

    1. Soory I'm late getting back to you. I'll print a map of the cemetery and show you roughly where it is situated
      Best Wishes

    2. im related to 2 of these people on this site 1st off william harder and frederick hartnell

  2. Hi Derrin, I'd very much like to use one or two of your photos in an exhibition I'm putting together. Could you let me know how best to contact you with regards to this? Many thanks, Seth