Monday 4 February 2013

At the start of November I collected my brand new car which I got through the disability benefit that I receive, I decided to go for a Mini Cooper. Also this month we had heavy rain which turned the fields at the back of my house into lakes, these attracted Canadian Geese, Mallard Ducks and Beautiful Swan. At the end of the month I went down to Winchester where my lives, I took a tour around the cathedral and for the next month in the cathedral ground there's a Christmas market and ice rink. It was nice as it began to get dark, I loved watching people of all ages going around trying not to fall over, it was even better watching the people when I have a lovely hot mulled wine in my hand.
My Lovely New Car

Unusual Cloud Formation Seen From My House

Zooming In

Cute Or What ?

A Watery Sunset At Marsh Benham

Fields Or Lakes ?

Not Good For The Owners Of The Land
The Ice Rink
Taking To The Ice
Bell Tower And Street Lamp

The Christmas Market

Huts Alight

Busy Time

A Green Light In The Tree

Roast Chestnuts Anyone

The Bell Tower Of The Cathedral Lit Up

Front Of Winchester Cathedral

Looking Up At The West Window

Sparkling Light

A War Memorial Of A Soldier Outside Winchester Cathedral

War Memorial To The Men Who Gave Their Lives During Both World Wars

On The Outside Wall Of The Cathedral, (I'll pray and ator)

Avenue Of Trees Leading Away From The Cathedral

Looking East

The Great West Window

Between Columns

Carved Stonework

Lovely Carved Font

A Memorial Catches The Morning Sun

In The Choir Stalls

Up Above

How Many Years Have These Tiles Been Here ?

Glazed Tiles

The East Window

At Rest And Peace

Dappled Light On A Memorial

Pausing For Thought

Beautiful Arrangement

Columbus And Ceiling

Names Of Fallen Soldier

Door Handle Of The Cathedral

Autumns Colour

Turning Red

An Old Lead Window

A Reflection Of Autumn

Different Types Of Chimney

Shadows On A Wall
Yellow And Blue
Final Show
Shades Of Copper

Fallen Leafs

Until Next Spring

Flowing Water


All Photos Taken And Owned By DD Pearce Of Darrin's Photography


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