Saturday 5 January 2013

26th October 2012

Day 14 Cont

Cape Cornwall is a small headland down in the far west of the county and lies four miles north of Lands End and is near to the town of St Just. Cape Cornwall (in cornish: Kilt Good Just, meaning" goose back of St Just. Here you'll a chimney stack that dates back when there was a small tin mine on this site. It operated intermittently between 1838 and 1883, after it closed permanently the engine house was demolished. The mine 1864 chimney was kept as near the peak of the cape as an aid to navigation.
The Chimney Of The Old Tin Mine

A Cottage With A View

Cove And Cottage

Zooming In On Sennan Cove

Longships Lighthouse

The Chimney Seen From The Slipway

Wildcat On The Bow Of A Boat

Lobster Pots
 Ropes Of The Trade

Boats On The Slipway

Lobster Pots Drying

Dry Stone Wall

Lost Ball
In a field off of the Cape Cornwall Road stands the remains of an old chapel; St. Helen's oratory, which dates back as far as the roman - christian times. An ancient cross with Chi - Rho monogram, was discovered on the site in the mid nineteenth century by John Buller, the vicar of St Just, but was sadly lost when his successor at the vicarage purportedly threw the cross down a well, where it is still remains to this day. A few metres away form the chapel stands a single of Donald Arthur Payne and Margaret "Ann" Wheeler, little is known about the two people who occupy this grave.

The Remains Of The Chapel

Stone Cross On The Chapel

A Framed Chimney Stack

All That Remains To This Day

All Alone

Here Lies Donald Arthur Payne

Much Loved

Plenty Of Choice Of Veg On Offer

In the late afternoon I decided to go for my last stroll along the beach before meeting up with the parents for one last drink at the Godolphin Hotel

Unkown Ship
Scillonan III Passing Mousehole
Grey Sky Over The Mount

Breaking Wave

All Is Calm

The Cottages In The Middle Are Where The Working Live

From The Godolphin

A Nice Pint Of Doom Bar

Cheers To My Wonderful Parents

The Godolphin Hotel


Lights Of Mousehole

                             All Photos Taken And Owned By DD Pearce of Darrin's Photography

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