Wednesday 30 January 2013

This month was special for my home town of Newbury, as on 11th July, the 2012 London Olympic torch was to make its way through London Road, Northbrook Street, Market Place and Bear Lane on its way to Winchester. I didn't do too this month as live coverage of the Tour De France was on and I didn't want to miss a minute of it, (ok I know I'm sad). A couple of photos I took were from the T.V on a couple of wonderful shots I saw being beam back from the lovely countryside of France. Also this month it was my daughters 19th birthday, how time flies.
The Colourful Town Crier
Everybody Having Fun
Dancers In the Colours Of The Olympic Rings
Twirlers Twirling
Mandeville, One Of The Olympic Mascots

Mandeville With One Of The Street Performers

This Mascot Decided To Give Me A Hug In Front Of Everyone

 A Brave Performer stopping The Police

The Police Were Having Fun, And Why Not

One Of The Torch Bearers

Another Street Performer, On A Bike This Time

The Kiss Of The Torches

A Rollerblader Gets Some Height

I Enjoyed Watching The BMX Riders And The Rollerbladers

The Town Hall All Done Up

Blue Sky And Bunting

Union Jack Bunting Fluttering In The Summer Breeze

Another Day, The Bandstand In Victoria Park Newbury

Jack O'Newbury Tudor Home

Tudor Brickwork

What Work Went Into This

A Close Up, It Must Have Taken Ages To Cut The Grass To Finish Up With This

Even Three Donkeys Got In On The Act Wear The Colours Of, The King Of The Mountains Jersey (polka dot) Green (points) And Yellow (leader of the tour)
The Near-By Chicken House's Where I Get My Fresh Eggs

Two Of The Organic Free Range Hens

The Local Red Kite Was Flying Over The Chickens, They Were Safe As It Only Eats Dead Prey

This Red Kite Was Flying Over My Garden

My Favourite Bird Of Prey
The Flower Of The Blackberry
What....A Two headed Horse

This Daisy Stands Out Against The Black Background

I Love The Patterns On This Flowerhead

A Flower To Brighten Up Any Garden

I Can't Remember The Name Of This Lovely Flower

All Photos Taken And Owned By DDPearce Of Darrins Photography


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