Friday 25 January 2013



We started February with snow, after that the month wasn't too bad weather wise. I went for a walk around Welford Park to look at the Snowdrops. Later on in the month I went around Winchester and The Cathedral.
Looking Out Over The Snow Covered Fields

View From Sitting Room

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Twisted Branches In Better Weather

Main Gate At Welford Park

Close Up Of The Spurred Armoured Leg

Snowdrops Between The Trees

Criss-Cross Pattern Of The Bridge
Carpet Of Snowdrops
In Fall Bloom

Reflections Of Holly

Weathered Fence Rail

Tree Stump Or Giant Paw Print ?
Whats On The Otherside ?
Blue Sky, Red Dogwood
The Tower Of Welford Church

White Gate

Snowdrops Galore

View From Below

Face Of A Snowdrop

Plaque On A Wall In Winchester Cathedral

Skull And Cross Bones On A Grave Inside The Cathedral
Angled Windows, Winchester
Patterned Brickwork In Winchester

City Bridge With Winchester Mill In The Background

A Swan On The Weirs In Winchester

A Cat Carrot
It's A Hardlife Being A Cat

There's A Cat In Da House

I Don't Think Ramos Like This Look

All Photos Taken And Owned By DDPearce Of Darrins Photography

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