Sunday 27 January 2013



The start of April saw a wedding in the family, my niece Emma was getting married to Simon and I was asked would I take the wedding photos. This was an honour and a pleasure. Also this month I went down to Southampton as it was one hundred years since it sank on her maiden voyage, other photos I have included was when I went for a morning around Snelsmore Common
Bride and Proud Father

Simon and His Tearful Father-in-law
Hand In Hand

The Rings

Nearly Husband and Wife

Signing Her Life Away

Mr and Mrs Hooper

The Happy Couple

Emma With her two Daughters And Step Daughter At The Back

My Dad

Emma Being Pushed Down To The Height

Sister, Niece and Brother-In-Law

Shaw House, The Venue For The Wedding

The Cake Was Made By Sister and Emma Made The Flowers in The Cake

The Bow Shaped Walls Of The Maritime Museum, Southampton

A Lovely Tudor House In Southampton

Tudor Brickwork

Bricks And Timber

A Sign Out A Pub

Artwork On A Wall Charting The History Of Southampton
RMS Titanic
Titanic, Spitfire and Cruise Ship

One Of The Anchors From The Old QE II

Info About The QE II, Southampton Was Her Home Port

Branching Out

In The Shadow

A Monument In The Old Common Cemetery, Southampton

The View From The Front Of My House

Where Find One You'll Normally Find The Other

Pink Clouds Seen From My Sitting

Pink Over The Oak Tree

Trees Waiting For Their Leaves To Show

Leaves Starting to Appear On Some Trees

Pathway Through The Heather

Trees In A Row

All Photos Taken And Owned By DD Pearce


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